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5 Things you should do before hiking

I have been hiking for a very long time, but after a recent trip I’m reminded that it doesn’t matter how long you have been hiking, you can still make mistakes? I have literally done this a hundred times, I figured hiking with a family can’t be too much different. Oh was I wrong. I recently took my family out of state to go hiking, we stayed at a campground, woke up early the next morning and hit the trail head. That day was a huge wake up call for me, let’s just say that things did not go exactly as planned. I had to be to work the following day and we were 4 hours away from home so naturally we showed up to the park right when it opened, planned on hiking for about 3-4 hours and would be back home by 6pm that evening. I got some advice from the information desk, where they informed me that our intended route was a 3 hour hike, I took my map and we hit the dusty trail; 8 hours later we trudged out of the park and slumped into the car for a greuling 4 hour ride home. So what happened?…