5 Things you should do before hiking

I have been hiking for a very long time, but after a recent trip I’m reminded that it doesn’t matter how long you have been hiking, you can still make mistakes? I have literally done this a hundred times, I figured hiking with a family can’t be too much different. Oh was I wrong. I recently took my family out of state to go hiking, we stayed at a campground, woke up early the next morning and hit the trail head. That day was a huge wake up call for me, let’s just say that things did not go exactly as planned. I had to be to work the following day and we were 4 hours away from home so naturally we showed up to the park right when it opened, planned on hiking for about 3-4 hours and would be back home by 6pm that evening. I got some advice from the information desk, where they informed me that our intended route was a 3 hour hike, I took my map and we hit the dusty trail; 8 hours later we trudged out of the park and slumped into the car for a greuling 4 hour ride home. So what happened?…

Where it all started

This blog is sort of a convergence, of ideas, and dreams, but most importantly two people. Ashley and I come from slightly different backgrounds. I was born in Michigan but my family moved to Wyoming when I was 8. I grew up in the most isolated town in the lower 48 states, yeah,,,the literal middle of nowhere. Ashley lived just outside of Saline, Mi. a nice little town just south of Ann Arbor. Her house was in the country where she spent her childhood catching crawdads, raising tadpoles, and living a basic Midwest country lifestyle.

Over the years we have lived the city life, we lived in and worked in the city, enjoyed the nightlife, the restaurants and the shopping, but it's in the outdoors that we both truly come alive. There is no place where you can escape the commotion of the world and find adventure, in the quiet of the woods all the noise and distraction melt away and it's as if you are surrounded by the spirit of God. There is not place that is more invigorating, more…